1. Lower sugar content and treat diabetes. As is well known, stingless bee honey has a substance known as antidiabetic. As such, the intake of honey is able to lower the excess sugar content in the blood because it stimulates the production of the hormone insulin which works to break down the sugar content in the body and is used by body cells.

2. Catalyzes and helps to heal wounds. General know that there are various factors that contribute to wound healing. Through medical glasses, among the factors that promote the wound healing process are such as nutrition, wound care, general health and many other factors. stingless bee honey helps by reducing inflammation, preventing infections and also promoting tissue and cell renewal.

3. Treatment for eye problems. Studies conducted on rats have shown that cataracts can inhibit the growth of cataracts in the eye by 20% and may be suitable for humans. As such, detailed studies with respect to these findings are in full swing. In addition, stingless bee honey is able to reduce the risk of bacterial infections.

4. Stimulate fertility. Many people ask about the benefits of stingless bee honey for women and the benefits of stingless bee honey for men. To your knowledge, stingless bee honey has an impact and good effect on fertility hormones. This indirectly helps couples who have difficulty having children. However, honey consumption is not an essential treatment for all fertility problems because there are various causes that invite infertility problems. This honey only helps in terms of fertility hormones and is only as a supplement.

5. The benefits of stingless bee honey for cancer. Stingless bee honey is able to prevent or reduce the likelihood of cancer cell formation. This is because it is able to increase the antioxidant status in the body which is a barrier to the formation of cancer.

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