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HAMBRA SOLUTIONS is a sole proprietorship business registered on 21st May 2019. Our main activity is to breed stingless bee honey and produce stingless bee honey. Our products carter the needs of natural stingless bee honey with guaranteed quality.

Stingless Bee Honey

Stingless bee honey has its own nutrients and what is amazing is that it is produced by bees that do not sting. It should be noted that there are 80 species of stingless bee in Malaysia but only less than 10 species can produce honey. All the rest function as pollination agents. The scientific name of the stingless honey bee is Trigona spp and it can be farmed or found in the wild. Generally, only two types of honey bees are often commercialized due to the quality of the honey produced. They are be from the species Heterotrigona itama (called itama) and Geniotrigona thoracica (called torasika). Most breeders say that these species is able to produce a lot of honey and bee bread (honeycomb) of high quality.

The torasika species are said to be able to fly high and far a radius of 1 kilometer and able to produce honey in a short period of time. As for the itama species, it is smaller in size and moves slower but both species are suitable for breeding for a long term. Therefore, it is not surprising that the returns from these two species are very encouraging.

Benefits of Stingless Bee Honey





Heart Healthy

The discovery of stingless bee honey as a commercialable ingredient is said to be relatively new and various researches are being conducted to ensure its benefits in medicine and nutrition. Hense, the suitability stingless bee honey to be used as medicine is still in the learning stage. However, various analysis have found that stingless bee honey contains substances such as phenylpropanoic acid, vitamin c, minerals, glucose, polyphenols and other sources which are important for the human body.

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RM135 / 350g

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Company Name
Hambra Solutions
Lot Pt 10365, Taman Indah Jaya,
Jalan Santong, Paka,
23100 Dungun, Terengganu

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Sole Proprietory
100% Bumiputera

Strong product, unquestionable originality, validity and high competitiveness in terms of marketing and branding. Strengthening in digital marketing sectors towards forming an online business. Growing and striving to position itself in the local market and the will to go abroad. The strategy undertaken is to provide a healthy competition in the market. The company are in the process of venturing into the field of e-business and taking the steps towards achieving this goals.

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You can whatsapp or call us for any purchase of stingless bee honey. We also make deliveries throughout Malaysia and also export abroad. Payment can also be made via the QR Code below to facilitate customer dealings.

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